Dehydration, a sensitive problem in the elderly

Dehydration, a sensitive problem in the elderly - HYDRATIS

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We met with Paris Match to talk about Hydratis; the start-up since its launch and its ambitions! 

There are many times when one may experience mild dehydration; 

  • After excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol prevents the antidiuretic hormone from working properly, which means that the body becomes dehydrated and leads to the famous "hangover". 

    So, a miracle cure for the effects of alcohol? Hydratis will certainly help you in these situations.

  • After physical effort. Replacing lost electrolytes and rehydrating are key to maintaining energy levels during and after exercise.  

  • Hot weather and heat waves. During the summer months, maintaining an optimal level of hydration is key to feeling good and avoiding fatigue.

There are many times when our hydration needs increase and must be compensated for. Dehydration is due to a lack of water and minerals and Hydratis, an isotonic drink enriched with minerals and trace elements, helps you to hydrate effectively. 

You can find the complete Hydratis range in pharmacies or on our e-shop! Hydratis is an over-the-counter hydration solution allowing the creation of a hypotonic and/or isotonic drink according to the need.

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The history of Hydratis

We give you the solution against cramps!

We give you the solution against cramps!

Hydratis anti-hangover remedy isotonic drink

Hydratis Anti-Hangover Remedy