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Hydratis_jérémy boué_théo heude_yosemite_hydration

The history of Hydratis

Hydratis is the adventure of two French entrepreneurs: Jérémy Boué and Théo Heude who are interested in the subject of hydration and its importance on health and well-being. 

The solutions were democratized in the early 1980s and have significantly reduced child mortality worldwide. Indeed, dehydration and the inability to rehydrate during health epidemics and diseases such as cholera was for a long time the first cause of death. 

The research has led to a simple result allowing to formulate and prescribe water enriched in minerals, glucose and sodium to allow the water molecules to be assimilated by the body through the intestinal walls. 

Beyond the vital issue of hydration, it appears as a central subject for daily well-being. However, few people are aware of what it means tobe well hydrated- "How to recognize dehydration" and "How to hydrate well every day". 

A meeting under the sign of the journey

It all starts with a meeting, on the other side of the world, in Australia. The two partners met in Sydney when they were both in their early twenties and both entering the workforce.

It is their pronounced taste for travel and their common desire to live life to the fullest that gave them this desire to undertake. After having been personally touched by dehydration during their travels, they became interested in the subject and thus became experts on the subject. 


From design to implementation

It is in 2019 that the two friends begin to dig the subject in depth and to associate themselves with laboratories, health professionals, pharmacists and scientific cabinets in order to explore how they could propose a healthy and natural alternative to allow everyone to rehydrate in a simple and effective way.

The problem appears as an obvious one: 75% of the French and Western population would feel symptoms of dehydration on a daily basis: cramps, aches, fatigue, loss of concentration...   

Based on the WHO recommendations for rehydration solutions and the literature on this subject, the company has developed two product ranges in tube form, suitable for children aged 3 and over, as well as a range for seniors: Hydratis 50+.  

Hydratis today 

Hydratis is currently available in nearly 2,000 pharmacies throughout France, Belgium and the French overseas departments and territories, as well as in the Health Corner of Monoprix.  


Numerous projects are underway to make information and education on this topic accessible to all and thus improve the quality of life and well-being through good hydration.